Our team included 16 students and two instructors representing five classes from the journalism department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. We spent two nights in Flint in March, 2017 and created all of the original content on this site, plus a live blog.


Brandon Anderegg

Amanda Becker

Zari Blackmon

Jack Fennimore

Keio Horton

Sabrina Johnkins

Dwayne Lee

Ed Makowski

Amanda Maniscalco

Rhea Riley

Margie Sponholz

Nyesha Stone

Keaton Walkowski

Amanda Watter

David Watters

Naomi Wilson

Darien Yeager


Jessica McBride

Jessie Garcia-Marble

Digital Media Specialist

Jeffrey John Loomis

Media Milwaukee is a student-powered news site produced by the Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.